Thursday, July 28, 2005

Can Anything Good Come From Canada?

Born and raised a proud Canadian, it dismays me (as a Christian) to see the ultra-liberal path my home and native land seems to be walking down. The media that reaches me here in North Carolina would have me believe that the majority of Canadians spend their days getting high with their same-sex spouse. While one hand is busy growing and exporting marijuana to the US, the other hand is busy importing aspects of Muslim law (Shariah) in to the legal system. Supposedly, many parts of scripture cannot be uttered lest it be interpreted as "hate speech." This article by Hal Lindsay is nothing less than frightening in it's potential, long-term implications.
However, as with any country, the media coverage does not necessarily reflect what's going on in the mind and hearts of the populace. Even though he spends little time in Canada now, my fellow countryman, actor Kirk Cameron, is doing his best to spread the Good News with his "Way of the Master" Ministry. Here's a great article detailing his courageous witnessing to others on the set of the Left Behind III movie. Way to go, Kirk!
On one hand, I fully expect to see my beloved country of origin more and more in the news, as the inevitable tragic consequences of turning further and further from God come about. The good side of this is that the light that does exist in Canada will only become that much brighter. Whether or not it makes the secular news, I'm ready to hear stories of revival in pockets
of the Great White North.
How do I know this? The bible shows, over and over again, that God puts light in the midst of great darkness. The greatest darkness ever - Jesus' death - was ultimately the greatest light known to man. During earth's final days before Christ's return (the 7-year tribulation), Godless behavior will be happening at an unparalleled rate. Yet, at the same time, 144,000 Jewish witnesses will be bringing people to Jesus at unprecedented rates.
For any fellow Canucks reading this, I'd love to hear stories that verify the intense activity for Jesus when it comes.
Meantime, to Canadianize Micah 6:8, "Act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God, eh!"

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