Saturday, August 26, 2006

Kiss Army to join IDF?

Funny, but when I think of Israel's long list of contributions to our world (here's a list 0f 57), I never remember Gene Simmons - born Chaim Witz - and his rock band Kiss. Even if you didn't go through your own Kiss phase, you've got to admit that it's fascinating to hear he-of-the-long-tongue sending a personal soundbite of support to one of Israel's recent wounded soldiers.
Shout it Out Loud, Gene! Now maybe you'd consider adding your fire-breathing talents to Israel's military - you know - what with their delapidated equipment and all. Or maybe use your influence to get the Kiss Army to join the IDF? If I recall correctly, didn't US Air Force personnel once play Van Halen tunes in flight to pump them up? I also remember something about the Western military playing loud heavy metal as psychological warfare against their opponents. Maybe Ehud Olmert needs to give Destroyer a few listens?
O.K., I know, I'm getting carried away here. Gene and company did cover the song "God Gave Rock and Roll To You," but beyond that, I have no inkling of Gene's spiritual persuasion.
Despite his sense of humour (using Gene to support an Israeli soldier, using an ex-Palestinian terrorist to spread the gospel), etc., God will take care of His people Israel just fine on His own. Count on it.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Why I'm Thankful to Jews

Here's a good summary on why we, as Christians, ought to be thankful to the Jews:

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Snakes On A Disciple

O.K. I admit it, I'm simply cashing in on the cultural fascination with this movie and it's title to draw unsusssspecting net surfers to the gosssspel. So ssssue me.
You want snake stories? The Bible has plenty:
From online encyclopedia Wikipedia:
In Christianity the snake makes its infamous appearance in the first book (Genesis) of the Bible when a snake appears before the first couple Adam and Eve and tempts them with the forbidden fruit. It is also seen in Exodus when Moses, as a sign of God's power, turns his stick into a snake to devour the pharaoh's snake. Later Moses made Nehushtan, a bronze snake on a pole that when looked at cured the people of bites from the snakes that plagued them in the desert. Jesus instucted his disciples to be be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.

My favorite snake story from the Bible is the account of Paul in Acts 28. He and his crew have been shipwrecked amongst a tribe of savages. While making a fire, a snake crawls out from the heat and bites Paul. The islanders think the snake is divine retribution for Paul's badness, but Paul simply shakes off the serpent, unharmed. This site offers some commentary on the scene, and you can read the actual story right from the Bible here.
Of course, there is also controversy on whether one is to prove their faith through the handling of snakes. I agree with this writer, who states that God would certainly be capable of protecting a believer from a snake's venom, but that we are not to go around testing God like this. The upshot of the matter is that God will protect His followers eternally, even if they come to harm in this life.
Actually, snakes will become harmless even before eternity. During the 1000-year millenium, Isaiah 11:8 tells us that:

"The infant will play near the hole of the cobra, and the young child put his hand into the viper's nest."

Celebrate the Savior That Saves Us From the Serpent and Subdues All Snakes!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cavernous Hell

Came across this frightening website, which expands on the reflections I had while spelunking.
Your First 6 Days In Hell

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Cave Contemplation

Cave Contemplation
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1 hour in a cave was a nice experience. Steady 55 degrees was a break from the outside mid-summer heat. At the deepest part of the cave, our guide turned out the lights for a minute, informing us that it would take our brains about 7 minutes to realize your eyes would never adjust to the darkness.
If hell is really in the deepest part of the Earth, I can't imagine the dark, hot monotony would lend itself to revelry.
I overheard an atheist who imagined he'd play jazz saxaphone when he got to hell. It's got to be hard to play a reed instrument when your lips are on fire.