Saturday, August 12, 2006

Cave Contemplation

Cave Contemplation
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1 hour in a cave was a nice experience. Steady 55 degrees was a break from the outside mid-summer heat. At the deepest part of the cave, our guide turned out the lights for a minute, informing us that it would take our brains about 7 minutes to realize your eyes would never adjust to the darkness.
If hell is really in the deepest part of the Earth, I can't imagine the dark, hot monotony would lend itself to revelry.
I overheard an atheist who imagined he'd play jazz saxaphone when he got to hell. It's got to be hard to play a reed instrument when your lips are on fire.

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Chad K Miller said...

I don't think I know too many people who have traveled in the calmness of a cave, and thought about people's lips burning. That's what makes you unique man!