Saturday, August 26, 2006

Kiss Army to join IDF?

Funny, but when I think of Israel's long list of contributions to our world (here's a list 0f 57), I never remember Gene Simmons - born Chaim Witz - and his rock band Kiss. Even if you didn't go through your own Kiss phase, you've got to admit that it's fascinating to hear he-of-the-long-tongue sending a personal soundbite of support to one of Israel's recent wounded soldiers.
Shout it Out Loud, Gene! Now maybe you'd consider adding your fire-breathing talents to Israel's military - you know - what with their delapidated equipment and all. Or maybe use your influence to get the Kiss Army to join the IDF? If I recall correctly, didn't US Air Force personnel once play Van Halen tunes in flight to pump them up? I also remember something about the Western military playing loud heavy metal as psychological warfare against their opponents. Maybe Ehud Olmert needs to give Destroyer a few listens?
O.K., I know, I'm getting carried away here. Gene and company did cover the song "God Gave Rock and Roll To You," but beyond that, I have no inkling of Gene's spiritual persuasion.
Despite his sense of humour (using Gene to support an Israeli soldier, using an ex-Palestinian terrorist to spread the gospel), etc., God will take care of His people Israel just fine on His own. Count on it.

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