Friday, September 15, 2006

Be Not Drunk With Wine

This bunch of creative Christians is launching a campaign in the UK to get people talking about Jesus. The site even links to a myspace site where folks can converse. What a great way to get folks thinking.
No doubt, the campaign will garner plenty of criticism from non-believers, and believers alike (who will frown upon a beer glass being paired with Jesus).
If you believe that using elements of popular culture to help spread the gospel is O.K., keep reading. If not, you'll probably not like the ideas I present next, and I would redirect you here (please understand this is my crude attempt at humour).
Still reading? O.K.. Well, why stop at using a beer glass to provoke thoughts on God? There are plenty of other vices (false idols) we can choose from...
How about drugs? The thing is with chemical highs, you never get enough. With little more than very casual use, tolerence kicks in, and now the user gets locked in to a pattern of seeking the drug for comfort. Like every addiction, enough uses creates a need that did not exist before. God made us with deep-seated needs for something beyond everyday existence, but a relationship with Him is the only thing that will ultimately satisfy that need. If that were not the case, addicts might report highly fulfilling lives, and not continue to suffer feelings of pointlessnes. I've met plenty of folks who report that they have enjoyed temporary highs, but no one has ever told me that their drug of choice is a satisfying answer to the "why are we here" question.


Chad K Miller said...


Great post, the myspace site is interesting. I think any discussion is a good starter. I love the redirection to Wikipedia, HILARIOUS! Keep up the great posts!

Tom said...

Thanks Chad. You are a great encourager!

Chad K Miller said...

If you only knew my true nature, God is doing a real work in me. Thanks man, I am failing a little less every day at learning to be a conduit of Christ.