Monday, October 30, 2006

1960's revisited

My 12-year-old son came home with a fascinating (to me) homework assignment last week. He was to create a PowerPoint presentation on 1960's music, tying the music of that decade in with the important events of that time. Having been born in 1967, and having experimented in many of the substances, philosophies, and music of that era, I jumped on the opportunity to be "homework helpin' Dad."
I'd never really looked back at what I knew about the sixties since coming to Christ. How interesting to revisit that era with Christian lenses. Now I'm not gonna say the sixties were evil, as I believe many good thoughts and social awareness came out of that time. However, the biggest thing that struck me was the false belief that mankind could bring utopia through his own efforts. Turn inward, find your inner truth, heal the planet, have everyone love each other and just "get along" (while "doing your own thing," of course). Sex, drugs, and rock and roll mixed with new age/Eastern religions must have had many believing they'd see utopia in their own generation.
What great ideals. However, the Bible is clear that there will be no lasting peace for man prior to Jesus' return. I guess the biggest question I came away from this homework assignment with was "How does one balance good works with the knowledge that we'll only get but so far without God's direct intervention?" God, please guide my life to keep the right balance.
The article below addresses this very question in our day (2006). Considering that the coming anti-Christ will woo the masses with promises of peace and global prosperity based on man's wisdom (backed up with miracles and lies), I guess it's no surprise that humanism's pull would only get stronger as the end-times draw nearer. As we present the gospel to those around us, how do we advocate for social causes without missing the focus of Christ crucified for our sins? Check the link below for more thinking, if not solid answers.


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