Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mere Reporting

Last week, my pastor reminded us of the importance of telling the story of what God has done/is doing in our lives. Such mere reporting, he said, can be very good testimony. Let me share today's experience, and let the reader be the analyst of the event.
I watched my son play goalie for his soccer team today. Despite his best efforts, the other team outscored them 6:1. As I watched my son kick the ball up the field in frustration after letting one in, I prayed a quick, simple prayer:
"God, please comfort my son. You know how hard he tries, and on days like this, I just know he's feeling really bad."

Right after my son's game, we were lucky enough to attend the above NHL hockey game. Our team (the Carolina Hurricanes), faced the New Jersey Devils, who have, without question, the best NHL goalie playing today - Martin Brodeur.
Martin let in 6 goals - his worst ever performance in a playoff match.
As we left the stadium, my smiling son remarked: "Hey Dad, I let in six goals today, but so did Martin Brodeur!"
Am I suggesting that the Almighty fixed the outcome of a major sporting event just to comfort my son? Well, that would seem like a stretch, but I'll let you be the judge. Perhaps, if not arranging the final score (which God would have already known - being outside of time and all...), He just lined things up to make sure my son would play that particular game, and watch that particular game, on this particular day? Hmmm.
I'm merely reporting.

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Chad K Miller said...

Great story Tom! I would not put it past God!