Sunday, July 30, 2006

We're All Imperfect Recruits

My pastor spoke today (7/30) about not making the mistake of thinking you must be perfectly holy before you can be pressed in to service by God. Not that we shouldn't strive for obedience to Jesus, but that knowing we won't become fully righteous this side of heaven shouldn't allow us to sit on the sidelines of "Kingdom" work.
Since my work is primarily with those who have gotten a DWI charge, I couldn't help thinking of Mel Gibson, who just released a humble public statement following his own recent drinking and driving charge.
No mistake, Mel's action wasn't good, and his apparent anti-semitic remarks during the arrest truly sadden me.
However, this is still the same man who brought us the Passion of the Christ movie. Despite Mel's self-admitted long-time struggle with alcoholism, God used him in a big way.
God's grace is bigger than any sin any of us could commit. Thank God He still loves Mel. Thank God He still loves ALL of us, even when we mess up.
If you're reading this Mel, know that there's a DWI pro who's seen many a case worse than yours. Read that Bible of yours brother. The jews are our brothers, and God will perfect the ones who believe in His son as much as He will perfect you and I. If they bother you, spend time praying that as many of them as possible come to know Jesus.
Meantime, here's a great piece by excellent Bible teacher John MacArthur reminding us to:
"Be Not Drunk With Wine..." I'll be reading it a few times myself in the hopes of applying the wisdom in it to my own ongoing battle with tobacco.

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Chad K Miller said...

Good thoughts Tom, we might all be a little embarrassed if your lewd comments and struggles were shown under the microscope celebrites have. They may not struggle with the same things, but they still have to live it.