Sunday, May 29, 2005

Satan on Ice

Devil against drugs

If you click this picture you'll se that Satan is working for the drug-prevention organization called D.A.R.E. . Who knew the prince of darkness was so against drugs? This is not as surprising as it might sound. As a substance abuse counselor, I'm aware of statistics that show D.A.R.E., as well intentioned as it might be, seems to do nothing more than pique kids' interest in drugs. Ah, the road to Hell IS paved with good intentions.

Satan posing as a benevolent advisor is hardly new. Reminds me of one of my all time favorite movie lines: In "The Usual Suspects," the narrator says that "Satan's greatest trick is making people believe he doesn't exist."

As a hockey fan, I've always been kind of bummed out at the New Jersey Devil's choice of team name. O.K, I know it's just a name, but apparently, my concern is shared by NJ State Assemblyman Craig Stanley. Here's the article discussing the whole debate.

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